General Typographers Applications & Software

Macintosh and Windows

Our Preferred Desktop Publishing environment is:

Macintosh OSX computers
Adobe CS6
Adobe Acrobat X
Quark Xpress 8

The best results from our Color Managed printers are achieved with files
in the RGB colorspace. General Imaging prefers uncompressed, unlayered
TIF for raster (photographic) art.

We have the latest versions of the most popular Desktop Publishing Applications and support Many legacy/older programs like:

Adobe InDesign
Adobe PageMaker
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe PhotoShop
Adobe Acrobat


CorelDraw and other Corel applications

Adobe/MacroMedia/Aldus FreeHand

Microsoft Office (includes Word, PowerPoint, & Excel)
Microsoft Publisher (Windows)

Quark Xpress versions 3 to 8


General Type accepts most graphic and word processing file formats such as .pdf, .tif, .eps, .gif, .jpg, .pict, etcetera. 

Electronic Transfer

General Imaging can accept files thru e-mail attachments

Our primary e-mail address is:
Ideally, file attachments should be enclosed in a Stuffit, WinZip, or other "archive" file.

General Imaging has an FTP site for larger file transfers (over 10mb).
Please contact us at or phone 202-546-1400 for details on accessing our FTP services.

Digital Media

General Imaging accepts the following computer media

CD (Compact Disc)

DVD (Digital Video Disk)

Most Digital Camera Media Cards

3-1/2 Floppy Disks — 1.4 MB

ZIP Cartridges —100, 250, & 750 MB
JAZ Cartridges — 1 & 2 GB

SuperDisk — 3-1/2 inch — 120 MB

1/4 inch DAT tape (using Retrospect software for Macintosh)

5-1/4 inch Syquest Cartridges — 44, 88, 200 MB
3-1/2 inch Syquest Cartridges — 105 & 270 MB

3-1/2 inch Magneto Optical Cartridges — 230 MB