General Typographers

General Imaging uses film recorders and outstanding films and papers for consistent, predictable high resolution film & paper output from your Macintosh and Windows files.

We can output up to 20 inch widths of film or paper. Film can be either positive or negative and emulsion up or down. Our standard resolutions are 1270 and 2540 dpi. We can output line screens to 170 lpi.

We support standard black & white output as well as seperations of spot color and 4-color process. We have extensive screen printing output experience of larger film which we tile together.

We also offer excellent color prints on a variety of media to 13 by 44 inches. These stochastic screened, 8-color process prints are beautiful for short- and long-term display.

Our turn around time is generally 24 hours, but some jobs can be turned around in less than an hour (such jobs are subject to rush charges). Our rates are competitive and we currently have a minimum charge.

We support a wide variety of industry standard programs and media and also accept PostScript files. Please see the file preparation page for complete lists.

High-Res File Preparation Tips