Scanning and Digitizing

General Imaging offers high resolution scanning of your reflective and transparent art. We also offer very high resolution digital photography.

Traditionally, we use a drum scanner, a large format (12 × 18 inches) flatbed scanner, and a slide scanner to capture images with an optical resolution of up to 8,000 dpi and an interpolated resolution up to 32,000 dpi. Images can be captured as RGB color, grayscale, or black and white line art. We convert to CMYK color through software.

Digital Cameras. We have high and low resolution digital cameras to capture any item that can be photographed. Our high resolution system combines a professional, large format (4 × 5) view camera with a digital scanning camera back to generate scans up to 600 megabytes in size. This system has proven excellent for scanning “oversize” objects, original paintings, location shots, products, and inanimate objects. Anything that can be seen through a camera can be scanned by this system.

Our flatbed scanner allows books and mounted art to be scanned easily and accurately.

Scanned images and logos can be saved in a variety of file formats for use on Macintosh and Windows platforms. Scanned line art (such as corporate logos) can be converted to vector art for resolution independent scaling. Let us know how you need to use your art and we can provide you the right file format for your projects.