General Imaging was founded fifty years ago as the world of type moved from the hot lead of Linotype casters to the up-and-coming photo-typesetting technologies. In the days of proprietary typesetting, we were the largest type house in Washington. The introduction of PostScript and the Macintosh computer have forever changed how production type is set. General Imaging has survived by changing with the times to offer modern color services, but we have never lost our appreciation or capacity for fine typography.

From the selection of an appropriate face to communicate your information to finessing the kerning in, for instance, eleven point Centaur for the best readability and elegance, General Imaging has the craftspeople to make the right decisions and handle the technical details.

If you need an existing typeface customized with additional characters for non-english languages General Imaging can do it. General Imaging can handle even the subtle changes like a wider counter in a “g” or the narrowing of the stroke in a “b”. We've been setting type for forty years and cutting it for vinyl, 3-D, and stone applications for over fifteen years. We know and appreciate the subtle beauties and intricacies of an alphabetic glyph.