Vinyl Cutting

General Imaging uses a Computer Aided Machine (CAM) system to cut accurate, brightly-colored vinyl appliques. The VINYL system is used for a variety of signage needs, such as banners and vehicle (fleet) graphics. It is suitable for curved surfaces like vehicles and smooth surfaces that are difficult to fasten to such as glass. This system also does paper and pen plots and cuts a wide variety of thin, flexible media.

The VINYL system cuts from rolls of media in with object sizes from 1/2 inch high to the length of the media roll. Although media can be cut smaller than 1/2 inch it must be “weeded” after cutting. The weeding process, pulling away the unused media, makes it impossible to manufacture very small letters and shapes. Our VINYL system can cut unseamed widths to 48 inches. Larger widths can be produced by tiling together 48 inch widths.

Vinyl is available in a wide range of colors, thicknesses, and qualities. Some vinyls are opaque and some are translucent. Turn around times vary due to material availability. For in-stock vinyls (about 200 selections) turn around time is 3 days. Custom made banners can have a longer turn around time.

Specialty vinyl solutions are available for stone cutting and etching masks. Some translucent vinyls are an inexpensive alternative to glass etching.

VINYL Cutting File Preparation Tips